Monday, February 14, 2011

Some Of Your Common Hand Tools

This article contains an over view of the most common home repairs and its needed tools. You also read about some materials that you’ll need to complete your work. You can end up with a considerable expense if you have specific work around the home that needs to be done. If you do rent the tool(s), do your best to complete the work the same day, so that you won’t acquire a larger rental fee than necessary.

You will need some of your common hand tools such as a grading rake, line leveler, and hand tamp. You’ll aso require a common garden rake and wheel barrow, in order to work around your home foundation, Are you thinking of doing some interior work? And you’ll need to pull together drills and screwdrivers. Well you’re at tit find a hammer, paintbrushes, and scrapers. You’ll likely find a glue gun, pliers, and awl helpful. For more extensive interior design a roller, set of wallboard knives and tile pliers will be needed. You might want to round out the tool kit with a type of stud finder, syringe and adhesive applicator.

For example to facilitate repairs to the plaster, you’ll need a paintbrush and a wallboard knife. Plaster restoration requires more supplies and materials than it does tools. When repairing plaster, numerous hand tools will help. For drywall repair or installation, you will require a hammer, different chisels, one or two wallboard knives, a caulking gun, putty knife, and a framing square. You might also need a carpentry knife, wrecking bar, a rubber mallet, and of course nails.

In order to replace ceramic tiles you’ll need an awl, a pair of tile cutters, good quality nippers, a utility knife, a drawing compass, a grout float, various small hammers, and wood tile. You’re going to want hand or power stiff-bristled brushes. Some other supplies for the basement will include masonry primer, waterproof masonry sealers, ordinary household cleaners, a large container, and a heavy-duty sponge.

It’s quite straightforward to patch or repair a ceiling. You’ll need a drill, wallboard knife, chisels, and a square, utility knife. When remodeling or refinishing your floors or walls you’ll want to have some specific tools. Leatherman Tools are a respected quality multi-tool company that manufactures and sells the ‘multi-tool.’ That means that their tools will perform as many as nineteen different jobs. You won’t need that over weight tool box again. Leatherman suggests compressing your toolbox into one DIY tool.

When working on basement walls and you may be interested to learn that Stanley Tools manufactures and designs quality tools. There is an array of Stanley hand planes, saws, tri-squares, chisels, screwdrivers, utility knives (know widely as the Stanley Knife). They also supply or manufacture safety shoes and clothing, under the name of Bostitch. This has been an overview article with some brand name suggestions.